boats in Split

Croatia is one of my favorite tourist destinations and i used to visit this country many times with my friends. We used to have so much fun and adventures here. Whenever we come to Croatia, we will be here for many days and enjoy our vacation. But this time i went to Croatia with my wife. Since we were newly married we planned for a trip to some foreign country. My wife did not have any option in her mind so i planned to visit my favorite destination. As my wife did not visit this country before she was ok to visit Croatia.


As i have visited this country and explore many places here, i did not need the assistance of any tourist agency. I simply booked our tickets and reached this place. We came to Biograd airport in the midnight. Once we came out of the airport, I hired a taxi and we moved to the resort where i have arranged our accommodation. I always use to prefer resort rather than staying in a hotel because resorts will be very pleasant and good to stay. Since they are located near to the seashore it will be a different experience when compared with hotel.